Governor's Work Ethic

Seniors participating in the Governor’s WEC program will be required to demonstrate the following employability skills consistently throughout the school year of participation. 

The following 6 competencies will require the signature of three (3) staff members who have known the student candidate for the entire academic year. 
● Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem solve; 
● Student is accepting and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly; 
● Student is successful in completing tasks and thinking critically; 
● Student is a self-starter and conveys a strong work ethic; 
● Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and consistency;   
● Student is organized, punctual and demonstrates self-management; 

Senior candidate will also be required to meet the following four (4) objective competencies for the entire academic year. 
● Student demonstrates academic readiness, has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, and has met or is on track to meet all graduation requirements. 
● Student attendance rate is 98% or higher AND has four or fewer sign-ins, signouts or times tardy to school 
● Student has 1 or fewer discipline referrals for the school year; 
● Student has completed a minimum of 6 hours of community service or volunteerism during the academic calendar.