School closure through Friday May 1, 2020

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Change in Start Time of Schools for 2020-2021

Parents and Community Partners,

I am communicating a change in our school hours for the 2020-2021 school year so that you can make needed adjustments. Each of our buildings (GES, GJHS, and GHS) will start school 30 minutes later every Friday.  The only day of the week affected is Friday.  This time is very important because it will be used by the staff for instructional improvement.  It will allow them to collaborate in various teams to address curricular demands that require time to properly plan and implement.  We hope that making you aware in advance will ease any stress caused by the late arrival.  We take the loss of instructional time very seriously so we hope you understand how important this need for collaboration is for our educators.  The start times will be communicated numerous times before the beginning of next school year.  There are no changes in the start time for the remainder of this school year.

Tom Hunter, Superintendent
Greensburg Schools

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