Food Services Information

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Meal Service During Virtual Learning

GCS will continue to provide meal service during the extended virtual learning period.

All GCS students(K-12) are eligible for meals at NO CHARGE.

Please remember that meals are only for the days that school is in session. There will be no meals for weekends and holiday breaks.

To make meals more available and meal pickup more convenient, we have adjusted our pick up times.  Please let us know what pickup time you would like to use.

Monday 11/16:                12:00pm & 5:00pm

Wednesday 11/18:          12:00pm & 5:00pm

Monday 11/23:                12:00pm & 5:00 pm

Meals are similar to what a school lunch would be if we were in the building. Meals are packaged in a microwave safe container that you simple heat in microwave.  

Please fill out the registration link on your school’s cafeteria page.