Big Blue Booster Club

Our mission is to enrich the Greensburg Junior High and High School athletic sports programs by helping to provide financial support for purchasing much needed supplies, equipment and capital items beyond what the school athletic budget can provide.

The amount of support provided is a direct result of our membership. We encourage ALL families and friends of GCHS and GJHS to join, get involved and support our athletic programs.

What does the Booster Club do with the funds raised? In the past, the Big Blue Booster Club has supplemented athletic banquet costs and provided annual scholarships to one senior male and one senior female athlete.

We have also made donations to the After Prom and provided monetary support for supplemental needs of various athletic programs when requested (such as tennis sound system, basketball palm pilots, swimming record board and more.)

How can you help? Our meetings are held the            

second Wednesday of each month, at 6:30pm in the HS auditorium.

Want more information? 

You may contact the Junior High or High School Athletic Directors -

GJHS Athletic Director - John Rigney –

812-663-7523 x 1808 or [email protected]

GCHS Athletic Director - Stacy Meyer –

812-663-7176 x 1028 or [email protected]

Big Blue Booster Club - Jennie Meyer
812-528-7103 or [email protected]