2022-2023 Enrollment/Scheduling

Scheduling Overview
2022-2023 School Year

Video of Class Presentation

Each class will have a scheduling meeting during seminar. A recording of the meeting will be uploaded to your class tab. Those students that miss the meeting should review the content presented in order to be ready for individual meetings with the school counselor. This video is also available for all students and parents to review the content presented on their own time. 

Course Selection Sheet
Every student will need to complete a course selection sheet before his/her scheduling meeting with the school counselor. An individual selection sheet is available under your class tab.

Curriculum Guide 
The curriculum guide is where students and parents can find the course offerings and scheduling policies for the upcoming school year. View Curriculum Guide.

Early College Program
The Early College Program is an intensive accelerated program that combines earning a high school diploma and the Indiana College Core (ICC). Students interested in earning the ICC please view the course offerings.  

Dual Credit Opportunities:
There are a variety of dual credit classes offered at Greensburg Community High School for the 2022-2023 school year. View Dual Credit Courses.

Each graduating class will need to follow its specific pathway requirements. The requirements are under your class year tab. 

Graduation Requirements 
To earn an Indiana Diploma, students must follow the graduation requirements. Students have the option of earning an Indiana Diploma at Greensburg Community High School with the following designation(s):

  • General 
  • Core 40
  • Core 40 with Academic Honors (AHD)
  • Core 40 with Technical Honors (THD)
  • Core 40 with Academic & Technical Honors