Work Permit

Any student in good standing, who plans to work, must first obtain a work permit.  The process is as follows:

1. Secure a position.

2. Pick up an Intent to Employ form from the Main Office at the High School.

3. The Intent to Employ form must be filled out by the employer, parent/guardian and student.
 Click to download Work Permit.pdf

4. Return the completed Intent to Employ form to the Main Office at the High School.

5. A birth certificate is required to obtain your first work permit.

6. You must allow 2-4 school days to process work permits. Please inform your employer of
this and plan accordingly.  Also, be aware that work permits are not issued during holidays or other school breaks.

7. Work permits may be revoked for violation of school policy.  It is up to the discretion of
the building principal.