Counseling Department Newsletter



Decatur County Community Foundation Scholarships will be available January 1, 2018 and due February 1, 2018. There will be approximately 30 various scholarships open for application. All information can be found at 

Local community scholarships and scholarships governed by the School Corporation will be available the beginning of March and due mid-April. 

All scholarship information will be handed out to seniors in English class as well as posted on the Counseling Bulletin Board and Website.  Stay tune! 

                                    SENIOR PARENT FINANCIAL AID MEETING

Senior parents are reminded that the FAFSA must be filed by March 10th.  Be aware that some schools require a March 1st deadline.  Get your FSA ID number now.  Dig out that 2016 income tax information.  Meet the FAFSA filing deadline.  

Twenty-first Century Scholars must file the FAFSA.

 Do not pay online to file this form – it is a free process!   Go to to file the FAFSA. 

                                                SAT PREPARATION CLASSES

This is just a reminder for juniors who have already signed up:  SAT Preparation Classes will begin on January 8th.   For the first 6 weeks, students will meet on Monday and then meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday for the 2 weeks leading up to the March 10th SAT Test.      

                                JUNIORS NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE SAT TEST!!!

The SAT Test will be given here at Greensburg High School on Saturday,  March 10th.  Students need to register with the College Board by the registration deadline of Friday, February 20th.  Students should take “SAT with Essay”. 

Website for registration is: .  Cost for taking an SAT Test with essay is $60.00. 

 If juniors want to take the SAT Test another time this spring, a student must register with the College Board by the following deadlines: 

                             REGISTRATION DATE                                    TEST DATE      

                                    April 6th                                            May 5th

                                    May 3rd                                            June 2rd

 It is very important that juniors not wait until their senior year to test!

                                  NEED TO TAKE THE ACT TEST?

                Test Date:  February 10th        Registration Deadline:   January 12th

                                 April 14th                                                March 9th 

                                 June 9th                                                                   May 4th
                                 July 14th                                                                 June 15th 

  Website for registration is: .   Cost is $62.50 (ACT with Writing).

                                                        NEXT YEAR COURSE ENROLLMENTS

                          Seminar Meetings                          Individual Meetings

Monday, January 8th Wednesday, January 10th thru
& Tuesday, January 9th Thursday, January 18th

Sophmores: Friday, January 19th    Tuesday, January 22rd thru
& Monday, January 22nd Tuesday, January 30th

Freshmen: Tuesday, February 13th Thursday, February 15th thru
& Wednesday, February 14th Thursday, February 22nd

                       *Freshmen Parent Meeting on Monday, February 12th at 6:30 PM

 Students will receive enrollment information to share with their parents.  Parents will need to sign the enrollment information and then students will meet individually with their high school counselor to sign up for their next school year classes.  

                                         SECOND SEMESTER DUAL CREDIT

 Any student who has not met the testing requirement to date will have an opportunity to take the Accuplacer during the second semester.  Ivy Tech will be here to test – date and time to be announced.