Hello My Name Is...

Susan Burbrink


It is my blessing and joy to teach.  I am a  licensed Business Teacher.  
I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education,
plus a Masters in Education degree in Administration and Supervision.
I am in my 20th year of teaching.  

Classes currently teaching:
Accounting I (Syllabus / Standards)
Early Childhood Education I (Syllabus / Standards)
Early Childhood Education II (Syllabus / Standards)
Education Professions I (Syllabus / Standards)
Education Professions II (Syllabus / Standards)
Information Communication & Technology I Syllabus/ Standards)
Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (Syllabus / Standards)
Web Design I (Syllabus / Standards)

Please contact me at: sburbrink@greensburg.k12.in.us